Peak Performance buoyance


Certification level: (Junior)Open Water Diver


AGE: 10 Years Old

    The Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty cost $289 with Air and Manual. The price does not include dive site fees and rental we do have a student rental discount to $50 for life support equipment. 

    The Peak performance Buoyancy class focus is on building on your fundamental buoyancy skills learned in Open Water and refining them even further. Buoyancy is a skill that every diver should be working on in every dive. Every time we enter a new environment we have to adjust our buoyancy for it from fresh water to salt water from hi flow rivers and streams to low flow lakes and quarries.

    You will spend time learning how to calculate how much base weight you need for the equipment you are using and the environment that you are diving in. Like every class you walk away with new tools to add to your library of dive knowledge in this class the manual has a table to help calculate weight.