Dive Station Lodging: At many dive instructor schools, housing and transportation are extra. Not always so at the Florida Diving Institute, we do our best provide free lodging at a six-bedroom house for all of our non-local students. Complete with full kitchen, washer and dryer and 4-1/2 bathrooms, this facility can accommodate both male and female students in comfort and privacy. Rooms will be assigned to any of our out of area students.

We have 5 rooms for our students one of our larger rooms assigned to Team Poseidon can accommodate 4 students this room has a large bathroom for use. Where as Team Tusa has a room with one bed and a second room with two beds. our last set of rooms Team Dive Rite has two sets of beds each with bathrooms attached, one of which is accessible to the majority, the other has a private bath for our female students.

We do have a set of house rules that need to be followed our you maybe removed from the house. Just a note for our students pets our not typically permitted in the house as well as family members this area is for students only. Firearms are never permitted on our sites store, house and dive locations.

 Transportation to and from the classroom is arranged by the Florida Diving Institute, as well as pickup at the airport , reducing the need of a personal vehicle during training. We will not be shuttling people to and from lunch breaks during school hours please plan accordingly.