Are you interested in become a Scuba Diving Instructor? Taking your love of diving to a professional level? Look no further.

The PADI Professional Divemaster Course is the first step in becoming a PADI certified Scuba Instructor. This course will take you from beginner, Open Water, all the way through the PADI Divemaster Course. Every one of our instructors are retired or ex military and have gone through this very course to get where they are now. The Dive Station/Florida Diving Institute is VA Approved and accepts both Chapter 31 and Chapter 33 Veteran Benefits. Not a veteran? No worries. We cater to anyone and everyone who wants to further their dive career with us.


This performance based course requires 288 hours over 36 days. That seems like a lot, but it goes by quickly. We offer this course Quarterly in conjunction with the Professional Instructor Course and Instructor Exam, or IE.  This course will take you through Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, EFR, Master Scuba Diver, and the Divemaster course. The instruction of each of these courses is geared more toward prospective Scuba Instructors, as this is a professional track as opposed to a recreational. Our goal is to prepare our students for a position as a Scuba Instructor and to give our students the knowledge and confidence needed to eventually prepare for and pass the IE.

Click the button to download the forms you will need to start your professional journey or to download our 2016 Catalog. For more information on this course, please contact Tyler Hammel, our Course Director, for more information.