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Drift Diver


Certification level: (Junior)Open Water Diver

Age: 12 Years old

The Drift Diver specialty cost $289 with Air and Manual. The price does not include dive site fees and rental we do have a student rental discount to $50 for life support equipment.

The Drift diver class requires 2 dives. You will learn about specific equipment needs for drift diving such as floats, lines and reels. You will also be introduced to aquatic currents what causes them and how it effects the water environment and our dive. Like all dives we need to be constantly working on our buoyancy control, navigation and communication. Also you will be learn techniques for staying close to a buddy or together as a group as you float with the current as well as entry and exit techniques.

Pick up a PADI Drift Diver Manual and the Drift Diving video to start learning immediately. Stop by to sign up or call if you have any question about this or any of our other classes.