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- Minimum 18 Years of age by the first day of class

The Professional Divemaster Course is the first step in becoming a certified PADI professional. This course teaches you to be a leader and take charge of dive operations through knowledge development sessions, water skills exercises, workshops, and hands-on practical assessments. We start with PADI's entry-level open water certification and continue through Master Scuba Diver recreationally as well as Divemaster professionally. 

We host a diverse group of instructors ranging from retired, and former military personnel, to various other highly skilled individuals. Each of our instructors has gone through this course as a stepping stone to get them where they are now. 


The first step is to contact us and request an application packet. Your application will be reviewed by the Course Director for admittance upon filling out and returning all the required documents. (Acceptance is not guaranteed) 

This is a  fast-paced thirty-six (36) day performance-based course designed to provide extensive knowledge of diving skills/stamina and includes an emphasis on various theoretical aspects of diving which keeps expanding with each certification. The instruction of each portion of the course is geared more towards prospective professional divers as opposed to a recreational one.

Our goal is to prepare our students to potentially proceed toward becoming a Scuba Instructor while at the same time instilling the knowledge and confidence foundation needed to eventually prepare for and pass the Instructor Examination. We offer this course four (4) times a year proceeded by the Professional Instructor Course and subsequent Instructor Examination also four (4) times a year.