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Certification level: (Junior) Advanced Open Water Diver

AGE: 18 Years Old

The Self-Reliant Diver specialty cost $489 with Air and Manual. The price does not include dive site fees and rental we do have a student rental discount to $39 for life support equipment.

The Self-Reliant Diver class focus on becoming a stronger dive buddy and helps you to develop tools to be able to over come issues under water. This class Will help you to understand gas planning and increases your dive planing and Equipment preparation.

You will spend time learning how to calculate a SAC rate or Surface Air Consumption rate swim this with a formulas to calculate how much air you would need for a specific dive and what kind of cylinders would be needed. Increasing your dive planning skills to situations you may find yourself diving alone.

You will learn to manage simple problems underwater such as regulator free flows how to move over to redundant air sources. how to breath past a leaking mouthpeice or locating a back up mask and replacing a lost mask.

Equipment set up is an important part of this class weather you are going to be using doubles, an H or Y valve diving with a large pony bottle or using sidemounted tanks, setting up your equipment so you can address issues safely and expediently under water is very important.