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Recreational Scuba diving Specialties:

Nitrox / Enriched Air Diver
Learn how to conduct dives for enriched air up to 40% oxygen.

Nitrox/ Enriched Air

Underwater Navigator
Increase your ability to explore the unknown and advance your Scuba diving tool box by becoming certified as an Underwater Navigator.

Underwater Navigator

Wreck Diver
Learn how to properly plan and conduct wreck penetration dives.

Wreck Diver
More specialties that we offer:

Delayed Surface Marker Buoy, Diver Propulsion Vehicle, Emergency O2 Provider, Night Diver, Peak Performance, Buoyancy Search & Recovery , Sidemount Diver, Rebreather "Diver level", Equipment Specialist.

Deep Diver

Taking on depths of down to 130 feet can be dangerous make sure you are prepared by joining our Deep Diver class

Dry Suit Diver

Learn how to control your buoyance and dive as a dry suit diver.

Self Reliant Diver

Does your buddy tend to run off without you. Becoming a self-reliant diver expands your knowledge and skill set to handle problems if you end up alone while diving.

Full Facemask diver

This is a good specailty for people that dont like the constricting felling of a traditional mask, individuals who want to comunicate with walkie talks under water and public safety divers.

Digital Underwater Photography

Learn how to take care of camera equipment when in and around water.

Drift Diver

Looking to safely dive Floridas Springs and coast lines our Drift diver class can help guide you down your path.


TecRec Rebreather Diver/Advanced Rebreather

Tired of surfacing stay down longer with the PADI's TecRec Rebreather Diver Certifications.

Tec 40

If you and your PADI instructor feel that you are up to the challenge of the Tec Diving world start your journey here.

Tec 45

After entering the Tec Diving world at Tec 40 increase your depth and learn how to accelerate your DECO by becoming a Tec 45 diver.

Tec 50

The Tec Diving world begiens to open up to you as you move from a Tec 45 diver and increase your depth and learn how to accelerate your DECO even ferther as a Tec 50 diver.

Tec Sidemount, Gas Blender (Enriched Air, Trimix)

Rebrether: Tec 40 CCR, Tec 60 CCR, Tec 100 CCR