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Certification level: (Junior) Open Water Diver

AGE: 10 Years Old

The Underwater Navigator specialty cost $389 with Air and Manual. The price does not include dive site fees and rental we do have a student rental discount to $50 for life support equipment.

The Underwater Navigator class dives focus on Identifying the different ways in which to measure distances while underwater. You will learn how to use kick cycles, elapsed time as well as a few more key methods of measuring to help you map wrecks, interesting sights or caverns through your diving career.

This class will also help you to use natural references in helping you find your way to cool dive location or points of interest that other divers have told you about, such as where a eel that you want to see may live. You will be trained on a skill set to help use natural references to determine direction of currents as wells as layouts of dive sites before entering the water. While in water you will learn to observe contour and composition to help determine direction and depth. In locations with rich iron some compasses will not work or if you lose your compass using natural navigation can help guide you in the correct direction.

This class would not be complete if you did not learn how to use a compass. During Each dive you will expand upon the little bit of compass use you had in your Open Water class and show you how to use the compass not only to move in strait lines but squares, triangles and series of compass headings. Finally we show you how to combined all these skills to make your self a well rounded navigator.