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Certification level: Adventure Diver

Age: 15 Years old

The Wreck Diver specialty cost $389 with Air and Manual. The price does not include dive site fees and rental we do have a student rental discount to $50 for life support equipment.

Dives 1-2 of the Wreck Diver class is focused on how important preparation for wreck penetrations is by identifying and mapping the wreck. During the 3rd dive the class builds on penetration preparation by working on skill sets for setting a line on the out side of the wreck. Finally if conditions are optimal for penetration in dive 4 line skills are improved upon as you penetrate the wreck if conditions are not favorable for a wreck penetration line skills are conducted yet again on the out side of the wreck.

After completion of the Wreck Diver specialty class you should have a good understanding of the necessity and importance of preparation prior to a wreck penetration to accomplish our first task of diving which is everyone comes back from the dive with great memories.

This Certification is for recreational level diving so you are limited to penetrating no farther then the light zone(the ability to see natural light) as well as no more than 130 total linear feet or 40 Meters from the surface. Also wrecks that are deeper then 60 feet, penetrations should not be attempted unless you are Deep Diver certified.